Dachshund Dog Breed Profile (Characteristics, Care and Tips)

Dachshund Dog Breed Profile Characteristics Care and Tips

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The Dachshund or Sausage Dog!

The dachshund is an energetic, lovable dog breed with an endearing personality. Known affectionately as the doxie, wiener dog, hotdog, or sausage dog, this breed of short stature leaves a lasting impression.

The dachshund is bred as standard or miniature size, but the traits of this breed are similar for both.

The dachshund can be a loving companion, lapdog, and even a family dog. Despite its size, the dachshund tends to be quite protective and alert, so the breed can also make an excellent watchdog.

The dachshund is one of the most popular dogs in the world, perhaps because of its unusual body composition. They are also dogs with a unique personality. Do you want to know everything about this breed? Then you can't miss this new video

Enjoy The Video Tutorial about Dachshund Characteristics and Care!

Source: AnimalWised

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Dachshund Characteristics and Care

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