Do Owls Make Good Pets?


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Can you raise an owl as a pet?

In many movies, books, and television shows, owls are incredibly friendly, intelligent, and loving pets. Do owls make good pets as they appear to be in the movies, and if so, what does it take to take good care of them?

Can you keep one in a regular parrot cage and feed it seeds and other types of commercial bird food?

Owls need a lot of space

While it is true that owls as pets have been popularized in books and movies (such as the Harry Potter series), the truth is that owls are not a good choice for pets.

The difficulties of properly caring for an owl are a big reason why they are best left in the wild, as beautiful and captivating as these creatures may be.

For starters, owls cannot be kept in a standard indoor parrot cage. They should be kept in a large aviary with indoor and outdoor access, as well as access to a bath tray that must be kept clean.

They bathe regularly to keep their feathers meticulously clean. Owls fly quietly, but their feathers will make noise if they are not kept clean. This noise interferes with your hunting.

They must also be able to fly frequently if they are in fact physically capable of flying.

Owls are mostly independent creatures

These birds are raptors that live and hunt independently. Unlike other types of large birds such as macaws or cockatoos, owls do not flock in the wild, making them extremely antisocial when it comes to other birds (except their companions and their young).

The herd mentality is what allows a parrot to successfully integrate into a human family. Since owls do not have this type of mindset, they regard everyone except the person they choose as their "companion" as enemies or prey, and will likely attack others instead. or otherwise unable to care for your owl.

Their diets are specialized

Diet is another concern that makes owls nearly impossible to keep as pets. Since owls are technically a bird of prey, they have specialized nutritional needs that cannot be met by feeding them seeds, pellets, or fresh foods like fruits and vegetables.

In fact, if you were to present any of these treats to an owl, they probably wouldn't even recognize them as food.

Owls are carnivorous creatures and must be fed whole rodents4 such as mice, small rabbits, guinea pigs, quail, and small chickens that are commercially produced to meet their complex dietary needs, and must be kept frozen and then thawed before feeding or feeding live.

As you can imagine, this can be a less than pleasant ordeal, let alone having to participate multiple times a day. Like all birds, owls can be pretty messy eaters, so cleaning up after meals is another chore that most people would have a hard time digesting.

In so many ways that mangeurs de viande, les hiboux are equipe d'un bec et de serres specialement conçus pour déchirer et déchirer des morceaux de viande et ils are capable of faire pas mal de dégâts aux propriétaires humains s'ils sont mécontents quelque raison either. They are destructive and can easily break anything you may have within your enclosure.

Owning owls as pets are prohibited

Owls are illegal in many parts of the world. Those who choose to defy the law and raise an owl face a variety of additional problems. If the bird becomes ill, there is usually no other option than to take it to a raptor vet.

Your standard vet is not specially trained to treat these amazing birds. Taking an owl to a vet puts an illegal owner at risk of being caught, fined, and possibly jailed, as he needs extensive training and a license to become a certified and bonded professional raptor manager.

Other options

If you are interested in owls, you can sponsor one at a wildlife conservation center. If you are looking for a pet bird, consider adopting a parrot in need of a home. They are much better suited to living with a human family than an owl.

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Source: Dāv Kaufman's Animal Adventures

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