How does it Cost to Take Care of a Horse?

What Does it Cost to Care For a Horse

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The Costs of Caring For a Horse

Horses are expensive to maintain. The initial purchase price of your horse, pony, donkey, or mule is only a small fraction of the total cost and nothing beats a free horse.

Whether it's $ 100 horses or $ 10,000 horses, basic horse care can cost the same. Your horse needs daily care and it can be expensive and the cost can vary due to a number of uncontrollable factors.

Minimum Base Cost

Here is a summary of the minimum basic costs as long as you keep your horse or pony on your property. These costs do not reflect the value of the property, property tax, insurance, or upkeep of properties, including stables and fences.

These costs vary by region. The closer you are to an urban area like New York, Toronto, or places like Kentucky or Florida, which is a mecca for horses, the more expensive it can be to own a horse.

You may be able to cut costs by buying the cheapest quality and even taking it out of the field, learn how to trim the horse's hoof, and buy your own shots (not recommended).

  • Half the bale of hay $ 3.00 per. Day: It can cost more easily as some places cost more than $ 10 per day. Ball. Or your horse may need more than half a bale.
  • Six Month Bulk Mineral Supplement $ 30.00 or 0.17 per. day
  • Salt block $ 14.00 or $ 0.04 per. day
  • Two two-cup servings of cheap concentrate per day $ 1.00
  • Farmers every six weeks for $ 35 per. Cut or $ 0.83 per day
  • Dewormer every three months $ 0.20 per. day
  • Dental care once a year for $ 125 or $ 0.35 per. day
  • Annual basic vaccines against rabies, tetanus, equine flu, and other routine vaccines for $ 95.00 or $ 0.27 per year. day

The minimum price for the day to have a horse is $ 5.01 each day or $ 1,828.65 per year.

Potential Cost Increase

  • Give more expensive concentrates or supplements.
  • You have unexpected vet bills
  • Immune to other diseases such as West Nile virus or Potomac equine fever.
  • A horse that requires special shoes or sizes
  • Compete with your horse.
  • A sick or injured horse.
  • Raise your horse to have a foal
  • Rapidly rising fuel prices.
  • Their normally good grass is affected by drought, or the price of feed is determined by inclement weather or other circumstances.


Boarding a horse can cost anywhere from $ 100 per month for lawns without interiors over $ 1000 per month in stands with stands, individual exhibitions, arenas, and other facilities near urban areas.

It also pays for additional supplies like farriers and veterinary care, special food, or care like removing and tying up blankets and worms. In independent establishments, the monthly subscription is cheaper, but you provide your own food and sand and travel to take care of your horse every day.

Veterinary Bills

One thing that can really ruin your budget is unexpected veterinary bills. The cost of call hours can be very expensive and something like colic surgery can cost thousands or tens of thousands depending on the procedures you choose to perform. It is wise to think ahead and plan how to manage a large veterinary account.

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Source: FEI

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How does it Cost to Take Care of a Horse

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