How Long Do Pet Rabbits Live?


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How long do rabbits live as pets?

Rabbits are highly regarded pets and their life expectancy has lengthened over the years thanks in part to the quality of care they receive from their owners.

We know that there are many things that can affect the lifespan of a pet and rabbits are no exception.

History of domesticated rabbits

Household domestic rabbits are not the same as the wild rabbits you see in your backyard. Oryctolagus cuniculus is the Latin name for a species of pet rabbit, while wild rabbits are Lepus sylvaticus.

This means that domestic rabbits and wild rabbits are technically different species even though they are distant relatives and the same family.

Over the years, rabbits have been used for food and fur, but since the 19th century, they have also been cared for as beloved pets.

In the late 20th century, rabbits were becoming more common in homes across the United States and have since grown in popularity. As more and more people discovered the wonderful personalities of house rabbits, the care they gave them improved and therefore extended the lifespan of house rabbits.

Rabbit breeds and lifespan

While the average lifespan of a pet rabbit is, according to the House Rabbit Society, between eight and 14 years, some breeds of domestic rabbits are known to outlive others.

Dogs, miniature, or dwarf rabbit breeds tend to outlive the giant races. Dwarf rabbits, mini lops, and other small rabbits generally live in the double digits, while larger breeds, such as French lops and Flemish giants, will not.

Nutrition and lifespan of the rabbit

A rabbit, like any other animal, has specific nutritional needs and we know that what we feed our rabbits has a direct effect on their life expectancy.

Nutrition goes hand in hand with the overall health of a rabbit and if it does not get the proper vitamins, minerals, fiber content, and other ingredients in its diet, it will not be healthy and therefore will not live as long.

Des régimes spéciaux en granules pour les lapins, the foin et les leégumes devraient constituent the diet alimentaire d'un lapin de compagnie. in poor health.

Some people only feed their rabbits pellets from the pet store, but this may lack the vitamins and minerals a rabbit needs.

Rabbit health and lifespan

In addition to the food that you give it, there are many things that influence the health of your rabbit. Rabbits can develop diseases or contract parasites, and if left untreated, these health problems can shorten your rabbit's life.

Practice good hygiene by washing your hands before and after handling your rabbit, as well as regular cleaning of the cage, they are good ways to keep it. your healthy rabbit.

Regular checkups with your vet will also help you catch any problems your rabbit may be developing before it is too late to address them.

Spaying or neutering your rabbit can also help extend its lifespan. Rabbits are prone to breast and uterine cancer, and male rabbits can develop testicular cancer.

By spaying or neutering a rabbit, you will greatly reduce the likelihood of your rabbit developing cancer and therefore increase his chances of living a long life.

Lifestyle and lifespan of the rabbit

Rabbits need a lot of space and mental stimulation, but unfortunately, many people think that they are happy to be in a cage their entire lives.

Indoors or outdoors, they need large areas, like a bedroom, to call their own, as well as toys, chews, and objects to play with. Rabbits that don't get adequate space and enrichment are generally not as healthy as those that do and therefore may not be as long as they should be.

It is also important to provide a quiet home for your rabbit. Extreme amounts of stress can kill your rabbit. Being provoked by a cat or dog, trapped by a child, or injured can result in shock and death for your rabbit.

The oldest rabbit ever recorded

After turning 16 on February 9, 2019, Mick, an agouti rabbit from Berwyn, Illinois, USA, was recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest rabbit.

Hazel, a miniature gray rabbit who held the record for being the oldest pet rabbit to ever live, died at the age of 16 and has lived in the UK.

Before Hazel, the record was set by another pet rabbit that lived to be 14 years old. Most rabbits don't have double digits, so owning a teenage bunny is quite a feat as a pet owner.

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