How to Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

How to teach a Kitten to Walk On a Leash

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Cats Leash Training

Despite popular belief, cats can be trained to do things that dogs often do. Some cats even like to do activities like being on a leash. Like a puppy that has never been tethered, a cat on a leash won't know what to do if you don't train it to walk on it first.

Choose a collar or harness to train your cat on a leash

The collar is suitable for cats for identification and for hanging a watch, but not for use on a leash. Cats have a different build than dogs and can easily remove a collar attached to a leash. Harnesses are much safer to use with a cat, especially if he is training them for the first time.

Choose a harness that is snug, snug, but not too tight for your cat. You can check that it is not too tight by sliding two fingers under the band. If two fingers can slip between the harness and your cat, it should fit well. However, if you can get more or fewer fingers under the strap, it may be too loose or too stiff.

Harnesses designed specifically for cats work best. If a harness is uncomfortable, your cat will only think about how bad it is or how difficult it is to get into it. Harnesses made of soft material cut so that a cat can walk normally and are lightweight are the best options for your cat.

Make sure the strap you choose also has a D-ring that is securely attached to the back, as this is where you will attach the strap.

Choose a leash for your cat

The lightweight 4-6 foot leashes are ideal for training cats of all sizes on a leash. Longer and retractable leashes can be used when training a cat, but you must first stick to a manageable length and weight of the leash.

Let your cat adapt to the harness

If your cat has a big enough harness, let him get used to it. Let your cat smell you while he gives you candy.

Keep in mind that the time it takes for a cat to get used to wearing a harness varies from cat to cat. The harness may not bother your cat at all, or it may take several hours or days for your cat to adjust.

Make sure to praise your cat and give him some treats while wearing the harness. Don't leave the harness on for more than a few minutes if your cat is scared, but increase the time she spends putting it on each time you use it. Work until you leave the dishes for an hour.

When your cat walks normally while wearing the harness, you are ready to take the next step in leash training.

Let your cat adjust to the leash

If your cat doesn't mind wearing the harness, attach the leash to the D-ring. Leave your cat on the leash while he is still safe at home to get used to being tied to it. If your cat is easily startled, you can leash it and restrain it while letting it roam freely.

Some cats are afraid that a leash will follow them and you don't want your cat to be afraid of a leash right away. Once your cat is used to tying a leash, you can go outside.

Teach your cat to walk on a leash

Keep on the leash and let your cat roam freely. Take your cat wherever you want with treats or toys. Do not pull the cat by the leash, but a slight tug is acceptable to divert its attention.

You should constantly praise your cat with candy as he walks in the direction you are looking for.

Over time, your cat will get used to the sights, sounds, smells, and experiences of the great outdoors and will be able to rely on the harness and leash. For some cats, it can take several days or weeks, while others are immediately more comfortable.

Make sure your cat is safe

Cats that spend time outdoors are more likely to get fleas, ticks, filariasis, and other parasites. Discuss preventative options with your vet to make sure your cat is safe while enjoying the outdoors.

Stay away from things that may scare your cats such as congested streets and dogs barking outdoors. Although a cat can be trained to walk on a leash, a variety of situations can scare it and make it afraid to walk later.

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Source: Kitten School

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How to Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

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