How to Treat Vestibular Disease in Dogs

How to Treat Vestibular Disease in Dogs

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Vestibular Disease in Dogs!

Have you ever noticed a dog that appears to be drunk? The dog may be dizzy and falling over to one side. The head and eyes may be in an unusual position.

The dog may be vomiting as well. These signs are consistent with vestibular dysfunction. What happens when your dog has a vestibular problem?

The vestibular system is the part of the body responsible for maintaining balance. Vestibular disease means a problem with the balance system. Balance problems in dogs are relatively common. Head tilt, incoordination, and abnormal eye movements are common clinical signs.

Owners may state that their dog has vertigo, is off balance, or had a stroke. There are two parts of the vestibular system: the peripheral vestibular system and the central vestibular system.

The peripheral vestibular system is made up of the parts of the vestibular system that are outside of the brain (the inner ear and the nerve). The central vestibular system is the part of the balance system inside the brain (vestibular nuclei and their connections to other parts of the brain and spinal cord).

Enjoy The Video Tutorial about What is Vestibular Disease!

Source: Southeast Veterinary Neurology


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How to Treat Vestibular Disease in Dogs

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