Indian Ringneck Parakeet (Bird Species Profile and Cares)

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

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Indian Ringneck Parakeet (Rose-Ringed Parakeet)

A beautiful bird, the Indian ringneck parakeet is a very popular pet. It may not be right for everyone because it requires a lot of attention and care, but it is a very social bird and can become an excellent companion for the entire family.

These birds love to talk and enjoy a good challenge, which makes training a ton of fun. Indian Ringneck Parakeets are one of the most underrated birds in the pet trade!

This beautiful bird can be a real joy and in the video, we take a look at how to care for one.

Enjoy The Video Tutorial about Indian Ringneck Parakeet Care Guide!

Source: Wickens Wicked Reptiles


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Indian Ringneck Parakeet - Bird Species Profile and Cares

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