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How long does a cat stay in heat?

All females will naturally go through a heat cycle if they have not been spayed. This cycle of heat is called estrus and indicates that a cat can reproduce.

There are some key indications that a cat may be in heat and it is helpful for cat owners wondering why their cat's behavior has changed to recognize these things.

What is a heat cycle for a cat?

An unspayed cat is called a queen and has reproductive organs that include a uterus and ovaries. These reproductive organs go through a normal cycle, called estrus or more commonly thermal cycle, which allows reproduction.

During a heat cycle in most mammals, an egg is released from the ovaries prior to reproduction and this is called ovulation. But since cats are induced ovulators, they don't release eggs during estrus until they reproduce.

However, they still have hormonal fluctuations, along with congested blood vessels, during a heat cycle, which means that their body is telling them that it is time to reproduce.

When do cats go into heat?

Females naturally enter their first heat cycle around six months of age, but this can occur between four and 12 months, depending on the breed, health, and time of year of the cat.

This first heat cycle zeal is associated. with puberty and a cat can become pregnant during any of her heat cycles, including the first. Cats are seasonal polyesters, which means they go into heat on a seasonal schedule, usually February through October in the Northern Hemisphere.

How long does a cat stay in heat?

Typically a cat is in the heat for about a week and if not mated it will come out of the heat and then go back into heat about a week later. This can happen during the breeding season.

Symptoms of the cat's heat cycle

Unlike a dog, cats do not show very obvious physical signs when they are in heat. Behavioral signs are more the norm for a cat.

Signs that a cat is in the heat:

  1. Vocalize
  2. Urine spray
  3. Attention seeking behavior
  4. The demanding or insistent behavior
  5. Roll on the floor
  6. Raise your rear in the air
  7. Rear-end that moves when the rear column is stroked
  8. Beg to leave
  9. Rubbing his face on things

The first thing most people notice about a cat in heat is how well it vocalizes. Cats in heat often hear loud cries, meows, and meows. These vocalizations are meant to attract attention and let other cats know that they are in heat.
In addition to noise, a cat in heat will also seek the attention and affection of its owner and others and enjoy being stroked and stroked, especially on its back and hindquarters.

When a pet cat in heat often wiggles its hindquarters, its legs can dance and its tail is held in the air. You can also rub your face on your owner and his furniture excessively to diffuse his scent.

Other signs that a cat is in heat include rolling on the floor, begging to come out (even if it's an indoor-only cat), scratching the door, and even spraying urine.

A cat will approach a wall or other vertical object, move its rear end, and spray urine to let other cats know that it is in heat. A surge of hormones during the heat cycle causes a cat to have all of these exaggerated behaviors and they stop once the cat is no longer in heat.

What to do when a cat is in heat

If you have a cat in heat, the attention-seeking behavior can be boring and persistent. Raising a cat in heat will, of course, stop the cycle, but pregnancy is likely to occur, which could leave you with even more cats in heat.

Spaying a cat is the best way to prevent or eliminate these unwanted behaviors. Of course, this will also ensure that the cat never overheats again and prevents the accompanying unwanted behavior.

Some vets will want to wait until the current heat cycle is overdue to the increased risk of surgical bleeding, while others will neuter a cat when it is actively in heat.

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Source: AnimalWised

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