The Norwegian Forest Cat (Cat Breed Profile, Characteristics and Care)

The Norwegian Forest Cat

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The Norwegian Forest Cat!

The Norwegian forest cat, also commonly called a "wegie" for short, was believed to be the cat of the Vikings. Its history can be traced back to Norse lore. It is known to bear a striking resemblance to a Maine coon cat.

It is both independent and an affectionate member of the family that loves attention but does not demand it. It is suited to being a playful, indoor cat.

A bit more independent than a lap cat, you can still expect a Norwegian forest cat to share a loving purr and the press of its head against your hand.

Although, this may be one of the few times you will hear from your wegie, as they do not vocalize as often as other cats.

Enjoy The Video Tutorial about Norwegian Forest Cat Characteristics and Care!

Source: Kitten Life


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The Norwegian Forest Cat

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