Unlock the Potential: Train Your Conure to Step Up!

Conures are charming and intelligent birds known for their playful nature and vibrant personalities. Training them to step up onto your hand or finger is an essential skill that fosters trust and strengthens your bond.

With patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement, you can teach your conure this fundamental command.

Understanding Your Conure

Before starting the training process, it's crucial to understand your conure's behavior. These birds are social creatures and thrive on interaction.

Building a rapport with your conure through regular interactions and positive experiences lays a strong foundation for successful training.

Creating a Trusting Environment

Establish a calm and comfortable environment for training sessions. Choose a quiet space with minimal distractions where your conure feels safe. Consistency in the training area helps your bird focus and feel more at ease during the sessions.

Step-by-Step Training Process

1. Bonding Time:

Begin by spending quality time near your conure's cage without attempting any training. Let your bird get accustomed to your presence and voice. Offer treats through the cage bars to associate your presence with positive experiences.

2. Introducing Your Hand:

Once your conure seems comfortable, start by placing your hand near the cage entrance. Use a slow, gentle approach, and avoid sudden movements that might startle your bird. Allow your conure to investigate your hand without forcing any interaction.

3. Target Training:

Target training involves using a stick or a designated object for your conure to touch with its beak. Begin by presenting the stick near your bird and rewarding it with a treat every time it touches the target. This step helps your conure understand the concept of stepping onto a surface.

4. Encouraging Step Up:

Once your conure is familiar with the target stick, place it slightly above its feet. When the bird steps onto the stick, say "Step up" in a gentle, encouraging tone. Reward this behavior with a treat immediately. Repeat this process consistently, gradually removing the stick and using your finger instead.

5. Reinforcement and Patience:

Consistency is key in training any pet. Practice the 'step up' command regularly, but avoid lengthy sessions that might cause frustration. Always use positive reinforcement—praise and treats—to encourage desired behavior.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Slow Progress: If your conure shows reluctance or fear, take a step back in the training process. Revert to earlier stages where your bird feels more comfortable and gradually progress from there.
  • Biting or Aggression: Understand that biting is a natural defense mechanism for birds. If your conure bites during training, remain calm and avoid reacting negatively. Withdraw momentarily and resume the training later.


Training your conure to step up requires patience, understanding, and consistent effort. Building a trusting relationship forms the cornerstone of successful training. Remember, every bird learns at its own pace, so be patient and celebrate small victories along the way.

By following these steps and maintaining a positive attitude, you'll likely see progress in your conure's willingness to step up and engage with you.

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