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Do horses like to be hugged?

Who doesn't need a hug sometimes? Of course, it would be difficult to teach a horse to hug a human type; It would actually be quite dangerous, but he can hug you with his neck and head.

For a horse too agile to teach a kiss, this might be a safer alternative.

Your horse should already have excellent ground manners. This will keep you safe and your horse will be easier to train.

If you've ever taught your horse to aim at something like a small plastic bottle, pylon, or another object, you're off to a good start.

If not, check out the first steps of clicker training to get started.

You don't need to click first, but training can be quicker if you do. The clicker simply facilitates the praise at the exact moment the horse is doing something right.

Clicking is even faster than saying "Yes!" to reward behavior and therefore more accurate. You'll find that training will go faster if you reward at the right time.

What will you need

  • A clicker (or your special attention so you can praise your voice at the right time).
  • Small delicacies such as carrot slices, sugar cubes, horse crisp, apple pieces. Your horse will probably like tension.
  • A roomy pocket, a goody bag, or an old fanny pack to store your goodies.
  • Ten minutes several times a day.
  • Your horse in a loose stable or round enclosure, or a quiet, stable alley with a halter and lead rope. The horse cannot be tied up or it will restrict the movement of its head.

The total time you need will depend on the horse or pony. Each training session should be short, around ten minutes.

You can work multiple times a day if you have the time, but a small amount of time over several days will work better than spending an hour now and then.

When the horse takes a small step towards success, it is time to give a reward and stop.

Teach your horse to hug

If your horse is trained on the target, stand with your back to your horse, hold the target over one shoulder, and move it to the opposite hip.

Encourage the horse to come closer and reach over your shoulder to hit the target. You may need to step back a bit and position yourself to make things easier for him at first.

Alternatively, you can hold a treat in one hand and, as the horse rubs his hand to get the treat, bring that hand to the opposite hip.

When the horse is in the position you want, click and give it a prize, or give it the prize.

If the horse does not fully "get it", reward good attempts and work to get his head in the correct position in increments. Finally, you won't need the prize every time you need a hug.

Be patient; some horses will learn faster than others and will always have safety in mind. If you use "high-value'' treats and your horse starts to get aggressive, use something less delicious or just use the scratches on the neck or stomach as a reward.

Remember to keep your workouts short, about 10 minutes at a time. If you work in the barn, clean a barn, go back to work for a few minutes. Then do another task before working on the horse again.

Enjoy The Video Tutorial about Teaching your horse to give a hug

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