The Time Requirements of Looking After a Horse


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How much time does it take to care for a horse?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is whether you have time to care for a horse or pony. Horses need daily care regardless of the weather, the schedule, or the holidays.

Keeping a horse on your property is a job 365 days a year. While you certainly won't be spending all of your time caring for your new horse, it does require commitment, and you'll need to figure out how to fit that commitment into your already busy schedule. How long does it take to care for a horse or pony?

If you keep your horse at home, you can count on a minimal expense:

  • Feed and check drinking water twice a day: 10 minutes
  • Take a horse to pasture and clear a stable: 15 minutes
  • Daily visual check for signs of illness and injury: 5 minutes
  • Daily helmet cleaning: 5 minutes
  • Total time: 30 minutes.

Beyond the minimum

All of these tasks can take much longer, and these are only minimal times. There are many factors that can affect the amount of time you will need to spend caring for your horse.

Giving your horse water may only take a few minutes during the summer months. But ice and snow can make it a lot more complicated job.

You may waste time breaking ice cubes, hauling water hoses, defrosting hoses, or unplugging water heaters that stop working. Winter can also make food a much more important job.

Bales may freeze or accesses to feeders, doors, and waterers may need maintenance to be safe for everyone.

Horses can damage stables, equipment, and fences, meaning you'll spend more time on repairs and maintenance.

Stable cleaning time will depend on how long your horse spends in the stall, what type of bedding he uses, and how often he cleans it.

Skip a day or two of cleaning and cleaning may take longer than taking care of it every day.

And it may take just a minute or two to observe your horse make sure he's healthy and injury-free, but finding an injury can add up to time.

The bandages may need to be changed, the horse may require manual walking if it cannot turn, or a number of situations may cause you to spend more time with your horse than expected.

The time you spend caring for your horse will add to the time you want to spend on grooming, training, riding, or riding.

Most people find that they spend more time caring for their horses than riding.

If you get on your horse, you can add travel time if you are in a personal care facility, or you can go months without seeing your horse as long as you pay the bill in a full care board.

Boarding is the cheapest way to own a horse. But convenience comes at a price, and a full-service pension can cost thousands of dollars for a year.

Enjoy The Video Tutorial about HOW TO CARE FOR A HORSE

Source: Equine Helper

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